The Ribaltino system is a simple and effective device for rotating products moving along a conveyor belt, even at high speed.

It is a kind of “three-dimensional guide”, moulded to the shape of the product to be rotated and to the angle of rotation required.

Rotation is caused by the thrust of the objects on the conveyor belt.


The shape and material of the objects to be rotated are not a pre-requisite: glass or PET bottles, jars, vases, tin cans, vials, glasses, etc.

Easy to incorporate

Installation of the Ribaltino system and possible format change does not require any structural work on the line. Simply fix the Ribaltino system about one millimetre from the conveyor belt, align the infeed and outfeed guides and then pass the products through.


The Ribaltino system consists of a series of high-density polyethylene sheets, a material characterised by very low friction and high resistance to abrasion.

Rotatable Products

Rotation jars food
Rotation of bottles for preserves
Rotation cans food production line
Rotation product beverage PET bottles
Rotation products glass bottles
Rotation beverage cans
Vial Rotation Pharmaceutical market
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