Detection System nimax-CF118

The Nimax – CF118 control system checks the integrity of metal foil by detecting any micro-holes, tears or cracks already present in the foil or produced during deep drawing.

When a defect is found on the foil (lack of opacity), an electrical signal (relay contact) is triggered that is used to reject the affected area.

The size of the hole that trips the device (trip threshold) can be set with the sensitivity selector switch on the side of the receiver and can be checked with specific calibrated micro-holes.


Many types of strands can be inspected (aluminium, metallic, plastic, etc.)

Easy to incorporate

Can be incorporated in new or retrofit systems.

Sensitive and measurable

Detects micro-holes as small as 0.035 mm.
The performance of the system can be checked with certified gauges.


The system matches the speeds of the highest performing blister packing machines with operating speeds of up to 150 m/min.


The system consists of:

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