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nimaxautomation company

Nimax was founded in 1970 in Bologna, in the heart of the Packaging Valley, by experienced professionals.

The deep knowledge of the daily problems of the automatic machines world, the result of the specific needs of the different production lines, immediately gave the company a technical and pragmatic imprint to respond promptly and concretely to the needs of the market. And this quality still makes it an Italian excellence today.

The company is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market of major international brands such as Domino, Loma Lock and Nemesis, provides its national customers with marking, coding, traceability and inspection and control and labeling systems.

This commercial vein is flanked by the historic production activity of two industrial automation systems for the food & beverage (Ribaltino) and pharmaceutical (CF118) markets.

The Ribaltino system is a simple and effective device for rotating products moving along a conveyor belt, even at high speed.

The Nimax – CF118 control system checks the integrity of metal foil by detecting any micro-holes, tears or cracks already present in the foil or produced during deep drawing.

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